Do you know what is in STORE for 2018? Neither do I, but there promises to be exciting new changes in coding requirements for cancer registrars. I read on the Commission on Cancer (CoC) Answer Forum that Standards for Oncology Registry Entry (STORE) is the name of the manual that will replace the FORDS in 2018. There have been references to this manual in recent North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) meetings by CoC physician presenters at state and regional meetings and by a select few; so far no specifics as to content or changes.

What we do know is that STORE will reportedly be rolled out to coincide with the release and implementation of the AJCC 8th Edition (American Joint Committee on Cancer). I know you are excited now! Two new standards manuals to embrace for 2018.

In preparation for 2018 changes, below I have shared my activities in preparation for the release of these new abstracting/coding manuals.

  1. Audit and clean cancer registry database. Now is the time to look for those common abstracting errors.  Educate yourself and others to ensure that data collected under the current standards are correct and accurate to date.
  2. Prepare yourself and your teammates. In the past we had six months to catch up on changes made at the beginning of a new year. With concurrent abstracting requirements, we will need to be ready to identify boundaries for coding/abstracting, based on year of diagnosis and/or year of first contact. Do you have a plan to implement QA measures to allow you to activate QC activities?
  3. Provide organizational leadership with advanced knowledge. This is budget season. The cancer registry staff will require more education than usual; make sure they are able to plan accordingly.
  4. Get a head start! The AJCC 8th Edition has been published and available for sale for several months. I have purchased it, and read Section I: General Information on Cancer Staging and End-Results Reporting. I have read it four times and highlighted sections of interest and tabbed a few pages for quick reference. I have also read the sections for primary sites: breast, lung and colon. This new manual is amazing!

As we in the MedPartners ODM Department learn more of what is in STORE, we will let you know!

Jennifer Rohleder BS, CTR
Compliance Director, Oncology Data Management and Accreditation Services

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