This is the second blog in a series titled, 5 Benefits of Being a Traveling Clinical Documentation Specialist, and it might be a popular one because the word of the day is ‘flexibility’!

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Do you yearn for some flexibility in your life? Are you a flexible person? The ability to have flexible work hours, or even occasional flexible work days, both of which are geared toward a work-life balance, are the goals of many. Too many people in this world feel stressed as they struggle to balance work and their family/personal life, and this could become an unhealthy behavior.

Being flexible in accommodating the wishes of the facility to which you travel is essential; obviously, you don’t go into traveling expecting that the facility will work around you, but the good news is that there could be several options for you at any given time, and the company will work hard to find a good match. You may already have the ability in your current role to flex your time and/or days in order to accommodate both your personal and work life, but if you are searching for options, you might want to keep reading.

Perhaps there is a facility where the surgeons would prefer it if you began your day at 5:00 am so that you can round with them before they begin their surgeries; that would work out great for you because you are an early riser and this allows you to attend to personal items in the afternoon once you get off work. You might catch an afternoon movie, or spend a few hours at a museum during the week when there are fewer visitors. This may be an option that some facilities offer.

Knowing that you are a traveler, other facilities might offer 3 or 4 day weekends in exchange for longer stretches at work. This could be time to cherish visiting friends and family, take mini vacations, or simply spend time at home.

Could it be that your family has reached the point in the cycle where everyone is independent and busy with activities, work, school, and/or friends? Are you finding that there really isn’t a ‘supper hour’ lately because the rest of the family is so busy with other obligations? Does the thought of traveling during the week while the rest of the family is off doing their own thing, then having everyone gather together on the weekend to share quality time appeal to you? This is the typical travel schedule that appeals to most and is offered by many facilities.

I want to end by letting you know is that I have worked for MedPartners, a top ranked staffing company, for almost 5 years, and traveled with them for 3 of those years. Because of my experience with traveling, I know without a doubt that considering traveling is a big step because I have been there, done that!

I want to share my email with you in case you have any questions about traveling CDI, or if something that you have read has piqued your interest and you would love to learn more. My mission is to set people up for success! Please don’t hesitate to contact me at knewhouser@medpartners.com



Karen Newhouser, RN, BSN, CCM, CCDS, CCS, CDIP
Director of Education, MedPartners