Brooklyn Bridge and the Lower Manhattan

Exploring the Beautiful U.S.A.

This is the first blog in a series titled, 5 Benefits of Being a Traveling Clinical Documentation Specialist, and it’s all about you!

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There are many reasons you may want to travel as a Clinical Documentation Specialist: to explore the country, for the financial benefits, to gain experience in other facilities across the country, to share your expertise with others, or for the professional growth and advancement opportunities.

Today I celebrate the Clinical Documentation Specialist by beginning a series of 5 blogs, one for each day of CDI Week, surrounding one of my favorite topics – traveling CDI. I traveled with MedPartners for 3 years before moving into an internal position with the Education Division, so I know a thing or two about this topic!

The first benefit I’m going to speak to is the ability to see this amazing country of ours! Do you long to see New England in the fall, with the beautiful hues of orange, red and yellow lining the streets and encompassing your view? As you walk outside, there is a crispness in the air, along with the aroma of a crackling fire that beckons you to sit a spell and warm your hands – or even toast marshmallows.

The South and West aren’t bad places to spend your winter either – the snowbirds may be on to something! Exercising by walking the white sand beaches instead of shoveling snow might be your preference, or perhaps the appeal of a New Year’s Day dip in the warm Gulf of Mexico instead of a frigid polar bear dip is alluring?

How does a less stressed summer in the Midwest sound to you? The temperatures are agreeable, plus the friendly, laid back, yet seriously effective outlook on life is enticing. Couple a productive, yet neighborly attitude with an array of weekend getaway sites to explore and tour, and you just might keep going back.

Can you see yourself in the Pacific Northwest, marveling upon the surrounding snow-topped mountains as you cycle around the city wearing shorts? Don’t forget to stop at the farmer’s market for fresh ingredients for that picnic adventure you are planning on your day off, and you may even be lucky enough to catch a fish while you’re there!

Do any of these sound like wonderful vacation destinations to you? The most often heard statement after someone gets back from vacation is that they need another vacation to recuperate! Why not take that thought and run with it? You could spend a block of time in one part of the country, have relaxing moments seeing the sights on your days off, and the best part of all – you get paid! I always thought of my time traveling as the best working vacation and it was marvelous!

Perhaps it’s time to consider checking a few cities off your bucket list…

I want to end by letting you know that I have worked for MedPartners, a top ranked staffing company, for almost 5 years, and traveled with them for 3 of those years. Because of my experience with traveling, I know without a doubt that considering traveling is a big step because I have been there, done that!

I want to share my email with you in case you have any questions about traveling CDI, or if something you have read has piqued your interest and you would love to learn more. My mission is to set people up for success! Please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Karen Newhouser, RN, BSN, CCM, CCDS, CCS, CDIP
Director of Education, MedPartners