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"OMH enhanced the MedPartners agreement prior to ICD-10 with the addition of an ICD-10 Coding Auditor. This enabled us to begin dual coding with feedback/education to the Coders weekly. OMH continued the program after October 1st to focus on a secondary coding audit/validation for Federal payors, prior to dropping the bill.

The program has been so successful, we are continuing to have MedPartners complete Coding validation audits on all Federal Payors going forward as this has significantly reduced our denial rates. Our last quarterly audit had us at 98.2% accuracy and again proved the extra up front audit revealed gains. The process has become so streamlined, it basically only adds one day to turn around times. The reduction in denials and timed gained from doing it correct from the start - well worth the investment."

- Robert L., Onslow Memorial Hospital

Karen Diop, MedPartners consultant, gives her take on what it's like working with MedPartners.

"I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity I have been given to start a new career path with MedPartners. MedPartners is a company with average people making an above average difference just because they are willing to allow others a chance to grow and learn while they work. MedPartners is not your average company; they seek the opportunities to pioneer the next big challenge. I feel like the leaders embrace employees, offer great perks, as well as provide the opportunity for a healthy work/life balance. These things are extremely important for me and my family. They ask employees their opinions on how to improve the company and they actually use the feedback to make those improvements where needed. I have found more realistic staff here at MedPartners than any other place I have worked in my 13 years of being a nurse. MedPartners’ leaders were willing to take a chance on people like myself and provide an opportunity for growth, flexibility and learning in a new HIM emerging field. This is not by any means an easy career choice, but it is worthwhile and anything that is worthwhile requires some challenges.  I believe the outcomes will outweigh the challenges we face today with health care changes. I am truly grateful to be a part of a team that values each of us individually."

-Rosalind J.

“When I got an email from my teacher telling me about an ICD-10 training program, I honestly didn't think much would come of it.  I was working part-time and was sick of sending out applications only to hear nothing back, so I applied. I figured I could take some time off from job hunting and get my coding skills back up to snuff. I really enjoyed the class and loved being back to coding even if I wasn’t actually working in the field yet. Then after the class was over I got a phone call from MedPartners offering me a job. I knew right away it had to be a scam. It was just too good to be true. Even my friends and family agreed that it had to be wrong. When we landed in Tampa for training a few short weeks later I started to realize that it might actually be happening. After meeting the wonderful people at the office I knew I belonged. They gave us everything they said they would and continue to support us in our work every day. I look forward to many years with MedPartners and hope I can help it become the best in the business. Code on!”


“This apprenticeship has been both challenging and rewarding all at once for me.  I will admit, when I got a phone call with a job offer with MedPartners, I was nervous.  I really had to sit down and think about it.  My husband and I had just bought our first home, so changing jobs right away wasn't in the game plan.  We thought about this for a few days before I decided to accept.  It has always been my dream of having a M-F, working from home job doing what I love.  Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and go after your dreams.  After going to Tampa and meeting with those at MedPartners, I felt 100% better about the decision that I had made.  Most people seem skeptical about accepting a job from a company that isn't heard of around their area, and that's how I felt at first.

The advice I have to those just starting this apprenticeship is to not be afraid.  Set a schedule!  Get up in the morning and get dressed as if you were going to the office.  Routine is KEY!

Challenges that I have faced would be coding charts in general and knowing where to find the things you need to code.  In school we never had experience with actual charts, we just did scenarios.

Being able to have such an amazing support system, not only with those at MedPartners but with my fellow apprentices as well, has made things easier.  We have a Blackboard Chat set up so we can help each other with questions, share feedback, and just have social interaction (sometimes it can get lonely working at home).

My advice to the new comers would be to make connections with your fellow apprentices when you get to Tampa.  You can never have enough support.”

-Jennifer V.

“MedPartners has provided us with an excellent and experienced CDRN for the past 10 months. She has been incredible to work with and has brought so much depth to our CDI table and so much value to our organization!” -Anonymous

“My recruiter is very responsive whenever a question or concern arises. He also appears genuine, caring, and I enjoy just chatting with him too. All of the other ancillary lines provide a high level of quality service i.e. travel, payroll, HR. The turnaround time is quick and they have all the answers to my questions. I feel a strong sense of trust with those I depend upon which takes the worry out of traveling. The number and quality of assignments available at any given time is also very important. I feel assured when I complete an assignment there will be another just as great as the last. Education has improved significantly and it is nice benefit to have CEUs offered. Top management / account execs also convey a sense of caring about employees.” -Yvonne G.

“Ranks very high in the places I have worked. Best recruiter ever and currently work for the best hospital served by MedPartners in my opinion and I have worked for several. Administrative staff I have communicated with are very helpful, and always there to assist you and answer any questions I have had promptly. Great place to work!!” – Doris B.

“The support, friendliness and personal attention from the MedPartners staff is refreshing. They make the company impressive to work for. I have always been made to feel that all questions are important and that I am respected as a professional. The staff puts in extra time and effort to see needs are met to define and follow through with placement processes. I feel my needs and preferences are important to them. The personal attention to the employees, nurtures loyalty toward staying with the company and gives me a sense of pride working for MedPartners.” – Deborah R.

“I have been working with Medpartners for over 3 years now and I must say this is by far the best company I have ever worked for. They are on top of things and they make sure their coders are always working.” -Anonymous

“Love this company! I love my account manager who looks out for me and keeps me informed; love the benefits package MedPartners offers; as well as the education and training opportunities” -Malinda C.

I have been with several other contract companies that I would have never recommended. It would be with a feeling of pride to recommend MedPartners to all of my colleagues.” – Janis H.

“Working with the representatives from this area was very easy. They were very responsive to my needs and willing to be flexible with their coding staff and the work load arrangements.” -Anonymous

“MedPartners always delivers high quality people and are great about keeping the lines of communication open for whatever we need. They are also quick to respond to our needs.” -Anonymous