Are you my boss?

Do you remember when you were a child reading a book called Are you My Mom? by P.D. Eastman? It was the story of a little bird hatched while the mother bird is out in search of food. The little bird encounters a dog, hen, and kitten and asks each one, “Are you my mom?” At some point in your career as a consultant you will feel like that little bird and you will be asking, “Are you my boss?”

  • Your first contact will almost always be with your recruiter.
  • You may be contacted by an account manager to discuss an opportunity for a specific job.
  • You may work with a project lead and/or manager.
  • You will be introduced the client.

Much like the little bird you will bond and build relationships with many of these individuals, but which of them is your boss? Are any of them your boss? Are all of them your boss?

Boss, noun: a person in charge of a worker

The telecommuting world of remote consulting is all about building relationships, maintaining perspective, keeping a positive attitude and remembering that all of these people are here to assist you in accomplishing your goal for a successful assignment. Instead of thinking about one person as your boss, think of these people as your support team. Each of them perform a specific role to support your success.

  • Recruiter: Your direct supervisor for hiring, firing, time off and project placement.
  • Account Manager: Works directly with the client and your recruiter to ensure your role in the assignment is accurate and effective.
  • Project Lead and/or Manager: The person or persons that are accountable to the account manager and client for reporting about the quality, productivity and achievements of the team members (CTRs). This person or people will determine your daily assignments, workflow, perform QC activities of your work.
  • Client: Depending on the contract, you may work closely with the client and take instructions directly form the client. If you are looking for one person as a boss, you will need a mirror. You are really the person in charge of the worker.

Jennifer Rohleder BS, CTR
Compliance Director, Oncology Data Management and Accreditation Services


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