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MedPartners provides Cancer Registry support and leadership to Hospitals, Physician Groups, Research groups and State Registries. We hire only the best CTRs in the industry accepting only a small percentage of applicants. We provide an environment that encourages peer support and excellence. As a Consultant, we ensure that your co-workers reflect the same level of dedication, education and excellence that you require from yourself and that our clients have come to expect and appreciate.

MedPartners adhere to firm criteria to hire only Certified Tumor Registrars (CTRs) with 3 or more years of abstracting experience in an accredited facility or a facility pending accreditation. Our Consultants are tested for current knowledge and the abilities to perform specific tasks within a Cancer Registry.  We require that all of our CTRs are assessed annually to ensure that they have the most current knowledge and educational resources available to them to provide outstanding services for our Clients.

 MedPartners maintains the MedPartners University and Subject Matter Experts as complimentary support for our Consultants and Clients.

 For information on how to become a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) consult the National Cancer Registrars Association web-site.



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