Given the rapidly changing character of HIM and the ever-expanding role it will play in the future of healthcare, many providers have struggled to build the workforce they need. Too often, they are either understaffed, or suffering from a severe skills gap. The longer this problem goes on, the worse it gets, but unfortunately finding the necessary professionals can be elusive. That is why an increasing number of stakeholders are turning to HIM staffing agencies. Here are a few common problems these agencies are uniquely equipped to solve.

Draw from a Larger Candidate Pool

An HIM staffing agency has already put together an expansive candidate pool of HIM professionals with a broad range of skills. That means when you have a vacancy, you don’t have to spend the time putting together your own candidate pool, or deal with having an underwhelming or inadequate list of candidates.

Spend Less Time Vetting

All of the candidates recommended to you by your HIM staffing agency have been carefully vetted in advance. Their backgrounds have been checked, references have been contacted, skills have been verified, and their character has been confirmed. That means recruiting is much faster and easier on you.

Respond to Staffing Challenges with Agility

Having just one hole in your workforce can significantly compromise your mission. HIM staffing agencies make it easy to replace staff or supplement your workforce with amazing speed and flexibility. That kind of agility transforms your workforce into a strategic advantage rather than a looming liability.

Get By With Less HR Staff

If you have a limited HR staff, or a staff that is stretched thin by other initiatives, an HIM staffing agency can alleviate much of their burden. The most time and labor intensive parts of the recruitment process are handled for you, and the results tend to be better too.

Always be Prepared for the Future

As we said earlier, HIM is changing fast. HIM staffing agencies follow these changes closely and take steps to bring new and evolving HIM professionals into their fold. Even if you are not prepared for what is coming next, your staffing partner is.

Form Relationships with Top Talent

HIM staffing agencies use their connections and leverage to create exciting opportunities for the best HIM professionals out there. Tracking down the top talent on your own is difficult, but a specialized staffing agency already knows who they are, where they are, and when they are looking to make a career change.

Each of the benefits we mentioned above is real and important. But what it really boils down to is that a HIM staffing agency can help you do more for less. Find out how your organization could benefit over the short, medium, and long term by speaking to an expert recruiter at MedPartners HIM.

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