Have you been struggling to find the health information management professionals that your organization requires? Are you gearing up for the October transition to ICD-10 and realizing that you don’t have the in-house technical expertise that you need? Have you been reading about the innovative ways that other healthcare companies have been using technology and wishing your own company could reap the rewards? If so, you should rely on a HIM staffing partner to assist your recruitment efforts. Here’s why:

Lower Your Recruitment Costs

Your HR staff has a lot on its plate already. And given the technical nature of HIM, it can be a challenge for HR professionals to properly vet candidates. That means that the recruitment process can be long, frustrating, distracting, and still produce disappointing results. By outsourcing aspects of the recruitment process to a HIM staffing partner, you free your HR staff up to focus on more pressing issues, and end up with a pool of potential recruits that you know have the skills for the job. In both the long- and short-term, that saves you money and time on recruiting.

Find Specialized Talent

HIM is a constantly evolving field that draws on a wide range of technical disciplines. In order to find professionals that have the specific skill set you require, it pays to rely on the resources of a HIM staffing partner. They have connections at top schools, with technical professionals in other fields, and with a wide range of current HIM professionals. Instead of searching high and low to find a recruit that can handle the specific demands of your job, you can rely on a HIM staffing partner to deliver that person right to your door.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The HIM professionals you rely on now might lack the skills you most require in five years, or even one year. That means that recruitment is a hassle you will have to return to over and over. But when you have the resources of a HIM staffing partner on your side, you can lay out a recruitment strategy and rely on staffing experts to help you evolve the character of your workforce. That way you are always prepared for the challenges of tomorrow instead of scrambling to respond to them.


There are many staffing companies, but only a select few that specialize specifically in HIM. Why take a general approach when you could turn to a team that is only recruits HIM professionals? MedPartners HIM has a team of experienced recruiters with the resources you need to find the best talent out there. Contact us, and let us know how we can help.

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