Working from Home

When I was a child I loved homework. My peers thought I was crazy. Having always been a loner, I enjoyed the quiet of my own space. I also liked not having someone looking over my shoulder as I tried to figure out a math problem or compose a proper sentence. I could pull out my text books to review over and over until I could figure things out in my own time. Never having cared about popularity, fashion, or sports I never really fit in, so home was my happy place.

I have found that I embrace a remote working environment the same now as I did then. I do not have to worry about bad hair days or those “I’ve got nothing to wear,” days. My current dress code is a ponytail, sweat pants or PJs. I guess you could say I am still not fashion forward. It is all about comfort.

Speaking of comfort, how great is it that you can put your desk anywhere you want? When I was living alone, I had the best office ever. In the kitchen, near the coffee pot, cookie jar and fridge. I could lay my manuals all over the kitchen table. Sun shined in the windows all day. Office perfection!

Now that I share my home with others, HIPAA has changed all of that. I have a pleasant little secure office with a door and a lock. This has proved to be much healthier for me. The fridge will not fit in my office. Go figure, HIPAA as a new diet program!

I have also found that my productivity and accuracy improved when I started working from home. I work a great deal in the early morning as these are my peak energy hours. Some of my teammates are night owls and they have found that their quality of work has improved too. Emails, texts, and phone calls keep us in touch. Working from home doesn’t have to mean isolation, I talk with others more now than I ever did when I worked at the hospital.

As a closing thought, I have found that working remotely makes attendance of webinars and education programs much better. The experience is greatly enhanced by viewing from my recliner with a box of popcorn and iced tea. I know I am learning more this way! Worthy of noting – it is not only the CTRs that reap educational benefits from working at home. I hear there was a ten year old little boy and his friends that learned a great deal about breasts from the quadrant picture above his mom’s desk. Apparently her anatomy book has some well-worn pages too!

I would love to hear you thoughts, stories and advice about the benefits of home work. Please share.

Jennifer Rohleder BS, CTR
Compliance Director, Oncology Data Management and Accreditation Services

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