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Preparing for interview questions, researching background information and dressing professionally all play a role in achieving positive interview outcomes. However, many people forget the importance of practicing nonverbal communication skills when preparing for their RN case manager job interview. In addition to verbal responses, the success of an interview is often determined by a candidate’s nonverbal communication, otherwise known as body language. Mastering the art of nonverbal communication can play a critical role in helping you ace a job interview and land the job. Here are some key tips for improving your nonverbal communication skills:

Concentrate on your tone of voice. It’s easy to think more about what you’re saying during an interview than how you’re saying it. Your tone of voice can greatly affect how the information you share is conveyed and perceived by the interviewer. For example, using a dull or quiet tone of voice may make you appear tired or disengaged, while using a more excited or enthusiastic tone will show you’re interested in the RN case manager position. As you answer interview questions, it’s best to fluctuate your tone of voice to emphasize certain ideas and underscore important points.

Demonstrate good eye contact. Your ability to demonstrate good eye contact has the power to establish a meaningful connection with an interviewer, far beyond your verbal communication. This will also speak to your ability to engage with patients as a case manager. During your interview, make an appropriate amount of eye contact. Avoiding eye contact with the interviewer may make you appear as if you are not confident or you have something to hide. On the other hand, too much eye contact can seem aggressive or confrontational. Many communication experts recommend that the best intervals of eye contact last for about four to five seconds.

Use signals to make communication more effective. Your posture, hand gestures and overall body movements can easily impact the effectiveness of your communication. It’s important to remember that verbal and nonverbal communication work hand in hand. You’ll want to demonstrate proper posture by sitting in place with your shoulders back and your feet planted firmly on the floor to prevent you from shaking or appearing lopsided. Maintaining this type of posture will help you project a high degree of confidence and composure as you answer questions and  discuss your qualifications as an acute care case manager.

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