Almost every healthcare professional experiences stress at some point in their career, often due to ever-increasing workloads and tightening schedules. Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) professionals are especially subject to higher stress levels, as their jobs require strong attention to detail and accuracy in recording patient records and solving issues pertaining to documentation. While CDI professionals often find their jobs rewarding, it’s important to remember these positions can also be physically and mentally draining.

As an employer, it’s in your best interest to implement stress reduction strategies in your workplace that combat burnout and promote a sense of balance for your CDI professionals. Here are a few stress management strategies to consider for your organization:

Provide on-site services and resources. Employees often burn out because they don’t have the money, time or resources to pursue health and wellness activities due to competing personal demands and commitments after work. Offering things like on-site fitness classes, nutritional counseling and weekly massages will give your employees the opportunity to engage in healthy activities during their breaks without having to leave their workplace. In addition to convenience, offering these resources at your organization promotes a culture of healthy living and allows your employees to re-energize and refocus throughout the day – ultimately reducing their stress and improving productivity.

Make stress management education part of onboarding. Often stress management is completely overlooked in healthcare onboarding and training programs. As you welcome new CDI pros to your organization, it’s important to emphasize your leadership team values the health and wellness of all your employees. This involves providing a detailed overview of the resources available to your employees, as well as explaining to them the importance of taking sick days or personal time off to maintain a positive work-life balance.

Evaluate your operations. Sometimes the biggest stressors for employees can stem from operational issues. Every six months or so, it’s a worthwhile practice to revisit your operational procedures and identify if any departments are under-staffed or in need of better resources. For example, do your CDI pros have access to the most current and efficient software? Do they require additional training and support? Evaluating these types of factors will help you improve the way in which your employees work, helping them use their time more effectively.

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