Strategies For Positioning Your CDI’s For Success


CDIs play a crucial role in your organization, and recruiting a good one isn’t easy. That’s why you will want to put any new hire through a comprehensive orientation process and onboarding program. The more you do to set the CDI up for success, the bigger the impact she will have in a shorter window of time. Plus, she is more likely to stick with your organization for longer. Use the following tips to successfully bring your new CDI onboard:

  • Start Early – As soon as you receive confirmation that the CDI has accepted your job offer, contact her regarding the details of the orientation. Let her know where to be, when to be there, and whether she needs to bring any documents from home.
  • Start Slow – A common mistake is to try and cram too much information into the first day/week. This can leave the new CDI feeling overwhelmed and cause important details to be missed. Remember that the orientation process takes at least 90 days and possibly a whole year. There is plenty of time for teaching.
  • Make Connections – As your CDI tours the facility, make sure she is being introduced to key stakeholders. The sooner the CDI feels comfortable with her new co-workers and familiar with her new setting the sooner she can work effectively.
  • Assign a Mentor – It’s impossible to anticipate every question/concern that your new CDI will have. Pair her up with a mentor so she always has someone to turn to in moments of uncertainty. This mentor can be a source of both information and support, which is a big benefit when navigating the unfamiliar territory of a new job.
  • Be Positive – For obvious reasons, healthcare settings are strictly regulated and ordered. It’s important to go over your in-house policies/rules, but you don’t want to make the orientation negative. Rather than lecturing the new CDI on what is “not allowed,” give her a sense of your organizational culture and mission and explain how that influences institutional policies.
  • Offer a Welcome – Remember that an orientation is about more than just going over the nuts and bolts of your organization. It’s also about making your new CDI feel welcome, and expressing your enthusiasm for having her on the team. This small, simple step does a lot to diffuse the anxiety that comes with starting a new job.

An essential part of this process we haven’t yet touched on is recruiting. You can do a lot to set your CDI up for success, but only if you hire a candidate that is poised to be successful. Find more candidates like that by working with MedPartners.

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