Top Candidate Certifications

Certifications to Make You a Top Candidate

The job search for top quality health information management (HIM) professionals can be challenging, especially as more graduates enter the field. Fortunately, there are many certifications that can enhance your existing qualifications and help you stand out as a top candidate. These certifications add to your credibility and can have a significant impact on your salary. They can also set you apart from recent graduates who lack extensive training and experience.

There are several types of HIM certifications which can help you grow your career and develop new skills. Here are three highly regarded certifications to explore:

Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW). The ASCW certification, the most widely recognized and respected social work credential, is for MSW’s who have completed at least 20 hours of relevant continuing education, among meeting several other criteria. This certification demonstrates a level of knowledge and experience in the social work profession, and “acceptance by insurance companies as being eligible for third-party reimbursement,” as explained by The ACSW recognizes social workers who have met the highest national standard of knowledge and experience in their field; however, it is not a substitute for required state licenses or certifications.

Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) Certification. When it comes to excellence in the cancer registry field, CTR is the most highly regarded and nationally recognized certification available. This certification is awarded to cancer registry professionals who pass the exam administered by the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA), a nonprofit agency which promotes standardization in the collection and use of cancer data through examination and certification. According to NCRA’s website, the CTR certification marks “achievement, fosters professional pride, and is nationally recognized in recruitment and retention of registry personnel.”

Certified Specialist in Trauma Registries (CSTR). The CSTR certification is for a trauma and registry expert who has exhibited competence in a specialized area of practice credentialed through the Registrar Certifying Board of the American Trauma Society. According to the American Trauma Society (ATS), this certification program was designed to promote the delivery of safe and effective care and the highest quality of data analysis. The CSTR credential is awarded to candidates who pass the CSTR certification exam, and must be renewed every four years through continuing education or re-examination.

Investing in these types of professional certifications will not only make you a more desirable candidate to employers, but will position you for long-term career growth. You’ll also gain more confidence and improve your on-the-job performance!

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