Trauma and ER

“The trauma registry is an essential component of any trauma program… The trauma registry should function to drive an efficient and effective performance improvement program for the care of the injured patient.”

American College of Surgeons, Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient

At a minimum, Trauma Registrars with MedPartners are required to attain their certification as a Certified Specialist in Trauma Registry (CSTR) within one year of hire at MedPartners and maintain this certification throughout their employment. This certification is offered through the American Trauma Society (ATS).

This is a 4 year credential that requires you to:

  • Pass an initial examination
  • Recertify every 4 years
    • Either by retesting or
    • Maintaining and submitting documentation of 32 contact hours of Continuing Education (within a 4 year period) to the ATS
      • 8 of these hours must be within the 12 months prior to recertification

For more information regarding preparation and examination please visit the ATS website. For more information regarding recertification please visit the page on recertification.

Susan Schmunk, CAISS, CSTR
Senior Trauma Registry Consultant

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