Interviewing for HIM or CDI Positions

Though any interview requires preparation, interviews for health information management (HIM) and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) positions require some special attention. This is because these fields require employees who are not only very skilled and detail-oriented, but also equipped at working in fast-moving healthcare settings. The more you can align your experience and credentials to the employer, the better off you’ll be in showing how you’re a good fit for the organization.

Here are some ways you can positively showcase your qualifications on HIM or CDI interviews:

Highlight your adaptability. Talented healthcare professionals, especially those who work in HIM or CDI, can easily adapt to changing situations in the workplace. Adaptability is a very attractive skill to employers seeking qualified candidates they don’t have to extensively train and are competent learners on the job. You can exhibit adaptability by describing times in your previous jobs in which you had to react quickly and adjust to a rapidly changing work environment.

Demonstrate your skills. In selling your qualifications, it’s not enough to tell an interviewer what you can do – you must show them! You can effectively demonstrate your skills by providing examples of projects and tasks you completed in your past positions. You can also draw from your education and training experiences, and present the interviewer with assignments you’ve completed that reflect your skill set and capabilities. The more you demonstrate your expertise in healthcare through prior education and work experience, the more you will impress the employer.

Show a willingness to learn. Expressing interest in the employer’s professional development opportunities shows a willingness to learn and evolve as a professional. Employers are seeking candidates who strive to stay current on the latest coding and health information guidelines so their institutions remain on the cutting edge. Be sure to explain how you’ve committed yourself to professional growth and development, such as undertaking a certification program.

A little preparation can go a long way in the interview process. If you remember the tips above and stay focused on what makes you a unique candidate, you will be successful in highlighting your skills and qualifications.

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