Meet Fredy Moya, Senior Recruiter Working at MedPartners!

Fredy Moya

When did you start working at MedPartners?

January 2, 2007

What territory do you manage?

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Montana

Brief summary of skills and/or specialties:

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement. I was the first recruiter hired by MedPartners over 9 years ago and have been working in the industry since 1997.  When I first started working in staffing, I staffed engineers, technical writers, drafters/designers, and technicians. After 7 years of staffing in the engineering arena, I started staffing in the HIM field and have been doing so for the last 12 years. After working for a number of other firms, I can say that working for MedPartners has been the best job I have had since joining the staffing industry!

What is an interesting/fun fact we would be surprised to learn about you?

Once a upon a time, I wanted to run for office and become a Senator for the state of Texas or play professional baseball for the Houston Astros.

What is your best work memory?

Starting this company by helping Bob set up our computers when neither one of us knew what we were doing, but we managed to do it somehow!

What makes MedPartners different from any company you’ve ever worked for? What core value (Be the Best, Understand the Urgency, Never Give Up, Have the Courage to Excel or Make A Contribution) do you relate to most, and why?

The best thing about MedPartners is they give you all the tools you need to do your job and Be the Best.  I also enjoy they encourage a work-life balance. I genuinely appreciate working here. It is nice to be able to enjoy working with your coworkers at work and spending time outside the office as well.


Working at MedPartners

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