Meet Toni Spagna, Executive Administrative Assistant at MedPartners!

Toni Spagna

When did you start working at MedPartners?

January 18, 2016

Brief summary of skills and/or specialties:

Executive Admin Assistant, SharePoint Administration, Reporting, Project Management and Coordination, Shipping/Receiving, Supply Management, Operations Management, Regulatory Compliance, Procurement, and Sales Support.

What is an interesting/fun fact we would be surprised to learn about you?

I worked as a Hotel Reservationist for 1 week before finding out that they were a clothing optional resort. I realized this when I drove through the property to get to the main office to pick up my paycheck and realized that everyone inside the facility was NUDE!

What is your best work memory?

My best work memory was attending the 2016 Awards Ceremony at the beginning of last year. The owner of the company spoke about EACH AND EVERY award winner and recounted wonderful memories and experiences with each one. It was a day that was truly devoted to honoring and recognizing the hard work and effort of the employees.

What makes MedPartners different from any company you’ve ever worked for? What core value (Be the Best, Understand the Urgency, Never Give Up, Have the Courage to Excel or Make A Contribution) do you relate to most, and why?

I don’t work directly with Clients or Consultants, but I really love being able to assist the divisions with creating documents or putting together items to make their event successful.

What makes MedPartners different? It’s the culture. Let’s face it, work is work. There are great days and not-so-great days… However, at MedPartners, you’re working in an environment where everyone is committed and supportive – it is simply FABULOUS!

Personally, I think I teeter between Understanding the Urgency and Never Giving Up. In my role, I need to be able to understand that things will happen unexpectedly and quickly. I can’t give up no matter how challenging the situation. I simply have to get it done. I will always give my very best, and will contribute where I can.


Working at MedPartners

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