How to Evaluate CDI and HIM Professionals for Your Team

Interviewing HIM and CDI Candidates

With so much healthcare talent on the market, it can be confusing for employers to know which skills and qualifications to value the most. The clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and health information management (HIM) professionals you bring on your team can make or break your healthcare organization’s productivity, workplace culture and patient outcomes. Therefore, it’s a best practice to regularly revisit your recruiting and hiring practices to maintain the highest-quality workforce.

You may be surprised to learn that finding the right individuals for your organization goes beyond paying attention to candidates’ education and experience. Here are some key pointers for evaluating CDI and HIM professionals for your team:

Cultural compatibility. Your CDI and HIM professionals will become highly integrated into all moving parts of your organization – making it especially important they fit well within your culture. When interviewing candidates, it’s essential to get a sense of their work style. For example, do they collaborate well with others? Have they ever worked alongside a team in a crisis situation? Getting answers to these types of questions will help you understand how suited a candidate is for your culture.

Leadership skills. Both CDI and HIM professionals naturally have a responsibility to educate physicians and others in their workplace about clinical coding and reimbursement practices, and the importance of accurate documentation. Therefore, you should seek to hire employees who exhibit the leadership skills necessary to help bridge this knowledge gap for their colleagues and enforce high-quality documentation. To assess leadership skills, it’s important to ask candidates how they feel about training and mentoring others, as well as their previous experience in this area.

Time management. Working in a fast-paced healthcare environment requires an ability to adapt to unexpected situations in a way that doesn’t compromise workplace quality or patient care. It’s critical you inquire with CDI and HIM candidates about their time management skills in terms of how they organize their schedules to complete daily tasks, as well as how they handle a variety of circumstances that arise along the way.

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