With any Big Data-type project, there are two main challenges: analyzing Big Data, and putting it to good use. Meaningful Use is an attempt to take on precisely that role, albeit from an individual, instead of aggregate, perspective. One of the primary challenges many facilities face is implementation. Often, MU is glanced at with an apathetic approach in an attempt to become compliant for Medicare and Medicaid as efficiently (and economically) as possible. Some may even see it as a hindrance.

But is it?

EHRs aren’t exactly Big Data the way a marketing firm or the sales engine of a company would consider it to be. The beginning seems a cumbersome task – but as more and more networks become Stage 2 compliant throughout this year and next – and ultimately Stage 3 in 2016 – there will be a noticeable difference in the quality of care an Eligible Professional can provide. The ability to coordinate care, summary of care, etc. from previous visits eliminates the need for facsimile copies of poor quality and mixed up prescriptions from one clinic to the next.

This is, in effect, the final push to integrate the healthcare vertical into the digital age. Medical equipment has historically been on the cutting edge of technology – but somehow, it has failed to fully harness the digital realm, despite all the advances in electronics. This is where your operation can seamlessly provide better care more efficiently. Imagine a world where every consultation with a patient includes a P2P – without having to make any calls or requesting any records.

Why wouldn’t a company want to be involved in such a program? While there may not be a way to initially quantify the amount of time and cost savings this could generate, suffice to say that – if nothing else – the quality of care that an organization would be able to provide would be considerably superior.

The other problem now is collection of the data. Clinics that have not integrated Stage 2 yet cannot contribute, which in turn hinders the future care of the patient in clinics which are operating in the Stage 2 realm. Moreover, MU, like all revolutionary programs, would benefit from candid professional feedback, and that can only be solved with valuable input by those using the system.

Whether you’re approaching the final step, or still working on assessing your practice readiness, we can help. At MedPartners HIM, we specialize in projects just like MU, as well as all aspects of Healthcare IT and HIM services, and can help implement your EHR solution. We have the workforce, the expertise, and the right talent to effectively and seamlessly integrate your organization’s MU plan of action. Our goal is to build a partnership with you for years to come and to do that, we understand that values and ethics come first. Contact us today to see how we can help make your business more efficient.