How Gratitude Benefits Your Job Search

If you’re currently looking for a job, chances are you’re feeling some combination of stress and anxiety. However, even while the job search can create a roller coaster of emotions, it’s also a time to work on your ability to express gratitude. In any job hunt, you’ll be exposed to countless new people and opportunities that have the potential to enhance your career. Learning the power of expressing gratitude and appreciation can reap many amazing benefits for your job search – here’s how:

Expanding your network. Every time you interact with an employer – through a phone call, email or interview – it is an opportunity to connect and network with somebody in your industry. Viewing your job hunt as a chance to expand your network and interact with others will help you grow your database of contacts, even if you’re not hired. After any point of contact with an employer, it’s best to connect on LinkedIn and send a thank-you note to express your gratitude for their time and let them know you’re looking forward to staying in touch. This simple act will open doors to new opportunities and diversify your network as you expand your horizons.

Gaining referrals. Ever heard the expression “What goes around comes around”? Well, it certainly applies here! When you show gratitude to others, they’ll naturally be more inclined to help you reach your goals. It may sound cliché but being thankful to others throughout the job search process is simply good karma. Often the people you meet on interviews can offer referrals for other jobs in your field, giving you an edge over the competition and allowing you to gain exposure to positions you may have never otherwise heard of.

Help you stay positive. Getting rejected after job interviews can be emotionally draining; however, making gratitude a habit will help you maintain a positive outlook even during times of stress and aggravation. The more positivity you exude, the more confident and happier you will feel in return. Furthermore, your attitude will show through your actions and attract potential employers!

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