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When you’re being evaluated by a recruiter, your skills, experience, education, and credentials aren’t the only criteria they’re looking at. They are also evaluating your personality, character, and values to determine if you are a good fit for their office culture and company mission. These personal traits are called soft skills, and they are a larger factor in hiring decisions than most job seekers realize. Below are some of the most in-demand soft skills and tips for demonstrating them throughout the recruitment process.

Important Soft Skills for Today’s HIM Professionals

  • Meeting Skills – Being able to productively meet, discuss, plan and reach agreements with groups of technical and non-technical participants.
  • Communication Skills – Conveying a clear, concise message through written and verbal communications.
  • End-User Awareness – Anticipating the needs/wants of the non-technical user base that utilizes many HIM products.
  • Team Commitment – Acting as a productive and collaborative member of diverse and sometimes unfamiliar teams.
  • Political Savvy – Forming alliances with and encouraging outcomes from the varied constituencies that are invested in HIM.
  • Teaching Ability – Sharing knowledge/skills with collaborators and new team members.
  • Seeing Gray – Acknowledging that some issues are not black or white and finding resolutions that respect that complexity.

Ways to Demonstrate Soft Skills During the Recruiting Process

  • Don’t Stop – Every aspect of the way you conduct your job search conveys something about your soft skills. Be sure not to lose sight of that.
  • Substantiate – Any soft skill you claim to have you must be able to back up with an anecdote, referral, metric, or some other kind of proof.
  • Be Relevant – Some soft skills will be more important than others depending on the position you are applying for. Focus on the ones that are most applicable.
  • Connect the Dots – Identify clear connections between the soft skills you claim to have, the proof that you have them, and how that makes you a better candidate for employment.
  • Reach Out to Your Network – Ask past coworkers, mentors, professions, and friends to either write you recommendations, or help you brainstorm instances that demonstrate your soft skills.
  • Be Genuine – Hiring managers are pros at spotting lies and embellishments. In all your efforts, be genuine and represent yourself as accurately as possible.

Soft skills alone will not get you a job. But lack of soft skills can easily disqualify you from getting an offer. If you are actively looking for new opportunities, make sure the best aspects of your personality shine though. Access more tips to help you stand out in your job search by contacting MedPartners HIM.


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