With a web of IT certificates, it’s sometimes hard to know which one is best. This depends on your career – specifically, where you are now and what direction you want your career to go in.

There are two specific types of certifications here that may be helpful. While these are certifications, obtaining them generally requires a working knowledge of IT or software prior to testing.

Among the HIM (Health Information Management) certifications, there are two: The Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) and Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT).

  • RHIA is useful for managing EHRs and analyzing the complete set of patient and computer information systems. This is for administrative roles and can be used for budgeting, operations, or committees.
  • RHIT is focused more on technical aspects and less on administrative. The RHIT is oriented around data entry and analysis, and often goes hand in hand with coding.

Of the specialty certifications, there are Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA), Certified Healthcare Privacy and Security (CHPS), Certificated Document Improvement Practitioner (CDIP) and Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS).

  • CHDA – like most of the following, this requires a minimum of an Associate Degree and five years of experience, or several other combinations of education. The CHDA is ideal for acquiring, analyzing and managing data, and translating it into useful information. At present, it’s the only certificate geared towards data analysis in the healthcare vertical.
  • CHPS is aimed towards security and privacy, and is currently the only healthcare certification aimed for these two. This is ideal for implementation of privacy programs.
  • CDIP is designed for document improvement, which can  assist with RAC, ARRA and HITECH initiatives, and revolves around data and quality information.
  • CHTS is for EMR/EHR implementation, and is not typically for an entry-level HIM professional. There are six different exams available, from trainer examination to support staff.

No matter which of these you’re looking for or already have, at MedPartners HIM, we want to help you. We have proven reliability in the Health Information Industry, and focus on a wide variety of HIM niches. Whether it’s implementing HER software, or the HITECH initiative – we have the consultation services, proven, elite talent and rapid response to bring your business to optimal efficiency. Contact us today to see how we can help you!