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HIM Job Search Strategies: Finding the Right Position

The field of health information management is booming, and is expected to grow significantly in coming years. That makes this an ideal time to be looking for a job in this field. Unlike many other job seekers, you have real options at your disposal and can search for and select employment opportunities that perfectly match your needs and goals. As you are considering offers, keep these factors in mind to help you find the right position for you.

Consider Your Location

HIM positions exist throughout the country, and around the world. They are slightly more concentrated in some areas, largely due to population density, but there are very few locations where they are not hiring HIM professionals in some capacity. Consider where you would like to live, if you are willing to move, and how the location you choose will ultimately affect your personal and professional ambitions.

Consider Your Industry

Healthcare occupies a unique position that straddles the public and private sector. That means HIM professionals can find work with hospitals and other healthcare providers, insurance companies, and throughout government and the nonprofit sector. Compensation tends to be higher in the private sector, but professionals may be able to make a more meaningful and lasting impact by choosing to work outside of it. Ask yourself why you chose to enter the HIM field, and look for opportunities that reflect your original ambitions.

Consider Your Friends and Family

Whenever you are looking for and evaluating new opportunities, it’s important to consider all the people your decision will affect. You might be willing to move or accept less money, but if this adversely affects your spouse, children, extended family, or long-time friends, you will be saddled with regrets. Don’t make your choice in a vacuum.

Consider Your Future

Some jobs offer lots of opportunities for advancement, and others have a built-in ceiling. Some enable you to acquire a broad skill set, and others encourage you to develop deep and specific expertise. As you are vetting various opportunities, consider the effect your choice will have on your long-term career goals.


As we mentioned earlier, you are uniquely overwhelmed with choices as an HIM professional in 2015. Many would envy your position, but having so many job opportunities to choose from creates its own stress and strain. Consider enlisting the help of a recruiter who is also a career counselor. They can help you better understand your professional ambitions, and then connect you with the kinds of employers you are most interested in working for. Start the conversation by contacting a counselor at MedPartners HIM.

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