Hiring for Enthusiasm

Throughout the screening and interviewing process, it’s easy for hiring managers to get bogged down in details about candidates’ education, employment experience and skills. However, while these criteria certainly have merit, there are other less tangible factors to consider when hiring new employees. Over time, many organizations realize there’s a real value in reviewing candidates for the energy and excitement they bring to the table. Think this is silly? Let’s break it down.

A candidate’s level of enthusiasm is a clear indicator of how interested they are in the opportunity. This is generally gauged during interviews, where you can witness a candidate’s verbal and nonverbal communication firsthand. For example, does the candidate look bored and tired? Or do their eyes light up when discussing the job? Though the level of emotional response to questions may not seem important, the way in which a candidate responds to questions both verbally and nonverbally should always be noted. It’s fair to say the attitude projected by a candidate during the interview is what they would most likely carry into the workplace.

Another key component is enthusiastic candidates are more likely to pursue training and development. An investment in professional growth means they will be more driven to improve upon their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths – something that will ultimately reap enormous benefits for your organization at large. It should be obvious that candidates who are excited about the work they’re doing will find learning to be fun, rather than a chore.

Finally, enthusiastic candidates are known for being team players in the workplace. This is because their uplifting attitude attracts positive energy from those around them, which is beneficial to the productivity of your entire team. These types of candidates excel at collaboration and empowering others to do their best, being instrumental in improving morale and developing a culture that fosters team building.

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