When interviewing clinical documentation specialists, you’ll likely be faced with having to interpret candidates’ experience as it relates to their qualifications for the job. Because there are many facets to interpreting experience, here is a breakdown of factors to consider when evaluating candidates:

How the candidate views a typical workweek

In helping to interpret the quality of a candidate’s experience, you should be aware of how the candidate views a typical workweek at your organization. Often a candidate’s idea about of a typical work routine will be based on their past work experiences. If the candidate appropriately connects their past work experiences to the new job, they will likely be better suited for the position and have no major issues adjusting to set expectations.

How the candidate handles workplace communication

Because clinical documentation specialists communicate with so many different groups and and individuals on a regular basis, they need to be experienced at resolving conflicts and disputes in a professional manner. Asking candidates about their experience dealing with workplace conflict will help you to get a sense of their competence with handling issues that arise in the workplace. In gauging a candidate’s experience in this area, ask about a time in which they resolved an issue and what was learned from the situation.

How the candidate handled past challenges on the job

Asking a candidate how they handled prior challenges will give you a more specific sense of how their experience has prepared them for the new role. This will also open up the opportunity for the candidate to express how past employment experience has helped them develop a skill set to effectively handle future challenges and adapt easily to a new work setting.

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