Hot Job: Cancer Registrar

Hot Job: Cancer Registrar

Are you looking for a company that is as passionate about accurate and timely data collection and reporting for cancer registries as you are? Then MedPartners has a perfect opportunity for you as a cancer registrar!

As a cancer registrar, you’ll be responsible for examining medical and pathology records to determine eligibility for the cancer registry. You will also be expected to make abstracts of medical records by translating medical terminology into standardized codes that record patients’ diagnoses and treatment information. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for compiling and reporting data from all the medical facilities that treat a patient. Other duties typically include following up with registry patients to track progress, protecting patient information and assisting with special projects.

The ideal candidate should have a certification in tumor registry. It’s also important that the candidate has a high level of competitive spirit, drive, intuitiveness, ambition to succeed, leadership skills, strong communication skills, and self-motivation.

Our MedPartners Registry Services division understands the importance of certified and credentialed registry professionals. We have numerous onsite and remote opportunities for experienced Cancer Registry professionals and offer highly competitive pay rates and educational opportunities.

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