When it comes to working in the healthcare field, you might be thinking that every job involves hands-on interaction with patients, or you have to work in a hospital. And while many positions deal directly with patient care, not every position has direct contact with a patient. Many jobs don’t require being on-site in a medical facility and can be performed remotely. And virtual jobs, such as medical coding and abstracting, are growing opportunities. Even The New York Times recently commented that many healthcare providers were “racing to hire coders.”

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports growth for Medical Records and Health Information Technician positions of 22 percent by 2022. That’s faster than the national growth average.

What is a Remote Abstractor

Working virtually, remote coders, such as abstractors, typically work assigning codes correlating the healthcare services provided to a patient and create the claims the healthcare provider will submit for payment of services.

Education and Skills

Many times a university or college degree is not required to work as a remote coder or abstractor. However, certification in medical coding is a prerequisite and can be achieved at a variety of educational facilities, including online learning.

Additional must-have skills include:

  • excellent attention to detail;
  • accuracy when dealing with complex documents such as medical records;
  • ability to stay up-to-date with changes to coding requirements, such as the recent release of the ICD-10; and
  • being able to work in a remote location without becoming distracted.

Job Opportunities

Remote abstractors and other remote medical coder positions are available working with medical facilities or doctor’s offices, either remote or on-site. You can also find great employment opportunities within many of the country’s top healthcare organizations.

If you’re an experienced medical coder or abstractor, check out our job board for a list of current opportunities.

If you’re just starting out and interested in learning more about the world of remote medical coding, get in touch with the medical coding experts at MedPartners today! We’ll use our passion and expertise to help you build the career you’ve always wanted.

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