Every emergency health provider, regardless of its size, has trauma service, and that means they need trauma program managers to keep it running smoothly and save lives. If you have the medical knowledge and experience, possess strong decision-making skills, and enjoy keeping yourself and others organized, this virtually unlimited career might be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Job Description

The Trauma Program Manager typically supervises and evaluates all aspects of the Trauma Program. A perfect position for a nurse, the trauma manager will be responsible for resource utilization, quality of patient care, and overall organization and management of the trauma program. They provide leadership of program initiatives, physician relationships, staff development, along with trauma program development. A trauma program manager will also frequently play a role in community outreach participating in the development of trauma care systems.

Education and Skills

A degree in nursing is necessary for the role of Trauma Program Manager along with both certification and clinical experience in caring for the injured (TNCC, CALS, CATN or ATCN). Additional education relevant to trauma care is also considered favorable. Other essential skills include:

  • strong analytical and interpretation skills;
  • excellent ability to determine a course of action based on data, research, and standards of care; and
  • exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and be capable of communicating effectively with a wide variety of people of diverse backgrounds, roles, and responsibilities.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for Trauma Program Managers is virtually unlimited. Depending on the size of the hospital, the scope of the position can vary. In high-level trauma facilities, with their vast array of emergency physicians, specialists, surgical and emergency residents, nurses, clinicians…trauma programs are essential to the successful operation of the compound trauma unit. Mid- and lower-level trauma hospitals may have managers who are the sole person dealing with the trauma department. And even in hospitals without active trauma units, the need for a trauma program manager exists – to manage patient care and coordinate resources, including the transfer of patients to larger medical facilities.

Current Vacancy

If you’re a BSN Care Manager with three or more years experience in acute care case management, then there’s a job in NC that could be the perfect fit for your skills and talents. To apply for this job, for more information, or to view all availabilities, take a look at our job board.

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