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Of all a healthcare facility’s many departments, its trauma center is arguably one of the most critical for determining patient outcomes. According to Trauma System News, trauma registries are necessary for improving trauma center performance and system outcomes. The most effective trauma centers are those that reduce mortality and morbidity by maximizing resources and saving on costs. A key component to achieving positive trauma outcomes is ensuring your trauma registry allows you to deliver the most efficient and high-quality trauma care. However, the creation, reliability and maintenance of a successful trauma registry requires an expertise that many organizations lack.

Recognized as a valued partner in providing Certified Trauma Registrars and Trauma Program Managers to support clients’ trauma programs, MedPartners understands the importance of collecting the most accurate patient data at all trauma center levels. This means that we value data accuracy in everything we do – from running reports to entering database information. With this specialized approach for valid data collection, our team can assist you in establishing a new trauma registry, address backlogs due to staff shortages and keep your registry current.

MedPartners can assess your trauma center’s needs and create a custom solution incorporating the following service offerings:

  • Data abstracting and analysis
  • Validation and reporting
  • Performance improvement review and state designation assistance
  • Verification/re-verification or state designation assistance
  • PRQ preparation and submission
  • Pre-survey consultation
  • ACS or state survey oversight
  • Education and training
  • ICD-10 customized training

Is your trauma center prepared to meet the needs of your patients?  

Regardless of your trauma center’s needs, MedPartners will develop tailored solutions to support your trauma program and improve patient outcomes. Learn how a partnership with MedPartners can improve your trauma center and keep your trauma registry current with both qualified Certified Trauma Registrars and Trauma Program Managers.

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