Total Revenue Integrity Services

When it comes to improving your organization’s bottom line and fixing supply chain inefficiencies, MedPartners creates simple solutions to solve a variety of complex problems. As we begin working with your team, we evaluate all components that can cause lost revenue, including understaffing and documentation issues. By taking a close look at all of your organization’s departments and understanding what is not functioning at its optimal level, we then implement solutions to address problems both efficiently and cost effectively.

Some of our planning revolves around the following solutions:

  • Review of all departments. We review all of your organization’s departments and their impact on your hospital’s revenue. It’s important to recognize some positions that are typically considered fixed costs can have a more positive impact on hospital revenue than some hands-on patient-care positions.
  • Investment in key service areas. We treat Case Management, Utilization Review, Discharge Planning/Social Work, Clinical Documentation Improvement and HIM Coding as revenue generating service lines. By investing staffing resources in these service areas, we guarantee significant returns to your revenue stream.
  • Improvement of organizational culture. Through promoting a team-based approach among Case Management, Clinical Documentation Improvement and HIM Coding departments, we minimize negative silo effects and improve communication and effectiveness among all teams.
  • Evaluation of staffing needs. By conducting a close evaluation of current staffing levels within each of the critical departments highlighted above, we devise a plan to arm your facility with a band of qualified staffing resources which will tie quality care directly with successful financial outcomes.

These are just some of the many ways we create positive change to improve existing processes and enhance patient care outcomes. Investing in a partnership with MedPartners can be one of the most impactful decisions you make for your organization. Get in touch with us today and let us transform your hospital for the better one decision at a time.

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