How to Interview for Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

RN case management jobs are heavily focused on the ability to compile, analyze and properly interpret complex patient data and information. However, a talent for effectively converse with coworkers and patients is just as integral to these healthcare jobs. Screening for interpersonal skills when interviewing candidates can be instrumental in hiring the right types of employees who will thrive within your workplace.

To evaluate interpersonal skills in RN case manager candidates, here are three types of interview questions to keep in mind:

How do you resolve conflicts in the workplace? Many unexpected challenges arise in busy healthcare environments, and how employees handle these conflicts can make or break their performance. Learning how a candidate approaches conflicts in the workplace can speak volumes of their ability to work with different people to solve problems in high pressure situations with patients, physicians, and other coworkers.

Are you adaptable? Along the lines of the question above, adaptability is a huge indicator of interpersonal skills. This is because employees who can adapt easily are typically more inclined to “go with the flow” and adjust to others’ communication styles and work ethics to get things done. This is an important trait to have, especially in a bustling healthcare workplace that requires employees to adjust to ever-changing demands of the workplace.

Do you prefer working alone or with a team? If you prefer to be straightforward with your interviewing approach, asking this question alone may give you all the information you need. The ideal RN case manager candidate should express comfort working both on their own and with a team, depending on workplace circumstances. However, if a candidate expresses only a preference for working alone, they should also be open and willing to working with a team to achieve common goals if needed.

Asking the questions above will give you a sense of an acute care case management candidate’s interpersonal skills before you make the decision to invest in them as employees.

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