The technology world has positively exploded, and has thus allowed every industry the potential to immediately increase productivity using IT solutions. From a purely technical standpoint, this increased productivity creates a significantly better work environment, and benefits patients in the medical industry more than anyone else.

Over the last several years, there has been paradigm shift in the minds of physicians – from skepticism to enthusiastic welcoming of Clinical Integration. Payers have introduced value based ways to pay fee schedules and rates rather than the standard fashion of a flat fee per visit. Physicians see the merit of these programs, and are finding it increasingly easy to implement aid programs.

Clinical Integration represents the future of healthcare, and is ideal for managing patients, especially those with chronic conditions, where a physician may not be able to treat everything. Patients that require specialists will find information more consistent, rather than hearing several things from several EPs (Eligible Providers) and being forced to determine themselves which are to listen to. Moreover, this eliminates any overlap – and hence wasted time and services, allowing doctors and EPs to see more patients, faster, and still provide accurate service.

Even though CINs (Clinically Integrated Networks) allow EPs to see more patients in a shorter amount of time due to the wealth of information and aggregated patient history, one of the primary focuses is to place a greater emphasis on quality, and a lesser emphasis on quantity. While qualtity is increased, as a specialist or physician can see better information notes, and more accurate data, increased efficiency becomes a byproduct, rather than a focus. As a result, however, this can effectively increase the amount of patients a PCP or specialist can see and decreases the average amount of time spent per visit.

Implementing a clinical integration goes hand in hand with both EHRs and Meaningful Use. These are the medical vertical’s attempts to harness the power of big data – although the entry method isn’t found online, it’s entered by medically trained personnel.

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