A strong LinkedIn profile is a must-have for anyone in the job market. While there may be millions of LinkedIn profiles, the majority of professionals are not utilizing this excellent business tool to its maximum benefit. That means they’re being overlooked by the more than two million recruitment professionals who use LinkedIn. (One out of every twenty users on LinkedIn is a recruiter!) By putting in a little time and effort, you can create a dynamic profile that will attract hiring managers and job offers.

What Makes a Good LinkedIn Profile?

Professional Looking Photo

A clean, clear picture of yourself at the top of your profile is perhaps the easiest and strongest way to make a good first impression. Save selfies for other social media platforms – and don’t forget to smile!

The Headline

Your profile headline tells everyone who you are. While many people simply list their current job title and location, they’re actually wasting a chance to stand out. Rather than stating that you are a Medical Coder at XYZ Company, add in details about your areas of expertise and passions. For example, Medical Coder, Orthopedics, or Medical Coder, Injection, Infusions, and Medical Observations. If you carry the RHIT credential, be sure to add that after your name in your profile as well!

Complete Profile

It’s tempting to skip some of the sections and skimp on details in LinkedIn, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors that way. Recruiters are reading your profile looking for relevant skills and experience, so give them enough information to understand your strengths and capabilities.

Proofread Your Entire Profile

Just like a resume, proofread your entire LinkedIn profile for typographical errors or omissions. Try to read your profile as a viewer would. Does it make sense? Would they understand how you’ve chosen to describe your accomplishments? Read it out loud. Then when you’ve gone over it yourself, it’s time to ask a friend or colleague to take a look. A fresh set of eyes can frequently catch mistakes we miss.

Summarize Milestones and Achievements

Use the “Summary” section to highlight 5 or 6 of your most significant achievements. Use bullet points for easier readability.


If you plan on relocating to a new city, be sure to update your profile to that new location. The choice of city for your LinkedIn profile determines who will be able to contact you and what jobs LinkedIn will recommend.

Volunteer Experiences, Hobbies, and Languages

Do you help out at your local library? Are you a dedicated crossword puzzler? Do you speak more than one language? Listing activities that highlight skills and talents not associated with your current position can help you find a job that delivers an additional level of personal fulfillment.

Up-To-Date Information

Your LinkedIn profile is as vital as a resume in many instances, and in certain situations, can even replace it. So keep your profile up-to-date, just like you do with your resume. Don’t forget to include a ‘current’ job entry, even if you’re unemployed – adding the title of your target job instead: Medical Coder, Cardiology – Seeking New Opportunity. When recruiters search for “Medical Coder, Cardiology,” they’ll find your profile. Once they’ve found you, you’re halfway there!

There’s no way around it. Keeping your LinkedIn profile current requires effort and commitment at the best of times, but if you’re actively looking for a new position, it’s a must.


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