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First and foremost, love what you do and do what you love! Unfortunately we can’t all have what we may consider a “dream job” but we can set our sights on the horizon and feel accomplished as we work toward what we want. My parents used to tell me that no matter what the job or what the pay one of the most important things any employer looks for is showing pride in doing the best work possible. From manual laborer to administrative personnel to medical professionals and all areas in between, always perform to the best of your ability and you can be proud of what you accomplish whether it is your ultimate goal and on your way there. This equates to confidence and you would be surprised at how that confidence will make you smile through your day.  Some may think this is too simplistic but it is more of a way of thinking and eventually a way of life than anything else.

I am a registered nurse but I did not discover that career until I was 39.  My career choices until that point were not bad or good, just not well thought out and there was no real pride in what I was doing.  I did the best I knew how at each type of “career”, from advertising sales to telecommunications sales because I was raised to always give my best effort, but I let outside forces dictate how I looked at life.  I thought of each area I worked in as a “job” and not as one more stepping stone toward… living life!

Add to that that as a single mother there was always that paycheck to paycheck feeling, but once I finally made the choice to change the path of my life everything changed in a positive way bringing me even closer to my daughter.

Throughout my nursing career I have worked in various roles, enjoying them all because I had finally found a career that offered constant educational opportunities toward advancement if I just took advantage of them! Some of these roles were not what I expected and so I made sure to educate myself either through my employer or on my own to move on to a different area of nursing.  One thing I had to work hard at was patience!  In order to reach a goal I may have had to continue working in a less than ideal role but I soon realized that keeping my “eye on the prize” was not an empty phrase.

Today I am excited every day to be doing what I love and loving what I do as an educator for MedPartners University. I was not looking for this role but because I was open to change the role found me! It is exciting to help MedPartners consultants attain a goal they may have through education and even more so because MedPartners takes education very seriously.

Lastly, no matter what road your life is on look toward discovering that pride and confidence and finally happiness within yourself! The rest is just baggage!

Virginia Bailey, RN, CCDS, CRC
Education Quality Coordinator MedPartners University