All employees need to feel motivated in order to remain productive, but it’s especially true for HIM employees. The rapid pace of EHR implementation and the scope of the data in question combined with the often thankless obscurity of the work can leave HIM employees feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. Ultimately, that lowers the quality of work and promotes turnover at exactly the time you need a stable HIM workforce. These are a few time-tested motivational strategies that have been updated to meet the needs of HIM employees.

Create Opportunities for Advancement

The exponential growth of HIM employment has led many organizations to turn to outside hires to meet their needs. But if employees feel like they are stuck in place, they won’t have an incentive to excel. Promote from within whenever possible, and create a culture where employees feel that excellence  is rewarded.

Acknowledge Achievements

HIM employees often languish in out-of-the-way offices and feel removed from the drama of the hospital. But as you know, the work they do is integral for the success of the entire organization. Make sure that your HIM employees are given public accolades, and make an effort to educate stakeholders about the valuable contribution they make.

Encourage Employees to Learn New Skills

Even the wisest tech-savants can’t predict what HIM will look like in 10 years. That’s why you should encourage your current employees to learn new skills, embrace new strategies, and become as multidimensional as possible. It ultimately benefits your organization while keeping your HIM employees professionally engaged and mentally curious.

Improve Working Conditions

Never discount the value of a comfortable office chair, a good cup of coffee, and a break from harsh fluorescent lighting. If your HIM employees work in dingy offices with outdated equipment while watching doctors and administrators move into clean, modern spaces, it can hurt morale. Make small changes now, and plan for big changes in the near future.

Offer Incentive and Rewards

The data-heavy nature of HIM work promotes the use of metrics. Offer prizes like paid time off for employees that meet certain benchmarks. A little healthy competition is often good for morale, and as long as employees are actually interested in the prize being offered, they will naturally stay productive.

Remember that morale is more than just an HR buzzword. It is an indicator of the well-being of the people you depend on most. Take serious strides to keep people happy, healthy, motivated, and engaged, and they will bring their best selves to work more often. Team up with the staffing experts at MedPartners HIM to learn more about getting the most from your workforce.