ODM Updates for 2018

ODM Professionals are so fortunate this year. We have so many new playthings for 2018.

They came without ribbons, they came without bows.
They came without packages, boxes or bags.
I puzzled and puzzled till my puzzler was sore.
Then I thought of something I hadn’t before!

Maybe these changes, aren’t such a bore
They are really very helpful, need I say more?

  1. The STORE Manual (1/1/2018)
  2. AJCC 8th Edition (10/13/17)
  3. New and Revised Prognostic Data Items (12/2017)
  4. SEER Summary Stage 2018 (12/22/2017)
  5. SEER Extent of Disease 2018 (12/22/2017)
  6. Solid Tumor -Multiple Primary and Histology Rules (12/22/2017
  7. SEER Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Database (12/22/2017)
  8. ICD-O-3 Histology Revisions (12/22/2017)
  9. EDITS (1/1/2018)
  10. CoC Special Study on DCIS Breast
  11. NCDB Call for Data (1/2018)

Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Rohleder BS, CTR
Compliance Director, Oncology Data Management and Accreditation Services


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