ICD-10 will affect different entities in different ways.  Providers will need to understand the increase in information coders will need to validate a code. What is MedPartners HIM doing to prepare for this transition?

Coders will need to have a better working knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and disease process in order to ask better questions. Accurate and thorough documentation practices and query processes are crucial and should be improved NOW.  By brushing up on our terminology, anatomy and physiology, and disease processes and familiarizing ourselves with the concepts of specificity inherent to ICD-10 we can prepare ourselves for October 2013 without being overwhelmed with a new mapping rational.

“Our goal is to provide cohesive training that complements each of our clients’ unique ICD-10 implementation methodology.”

Clinical Documentation Improvement: Simultaneously, we are partnering with our clients to identify gaps in documentation and implement provider education NOW to ease the stress that is expected with the 2013 go live. We attended the ACDIS conference and have made more than 30 CEU’s available to staff on topics regarding documentation improvement. We’ve aligned ourselves with clinical specialists (including physician champions) to provide additional staffing resources to accommodate the growing need for provider education.

How are we accomplishing this?

We are taking a two pronged approach:

  1. We believe in incentivized learning. At MedPartners HIM, we strive to create a culture that embraces the exchange of knowledge.  We gave our staff an incentive during the last quarter of 2010, where anyone who completed the three audio seminars; “ICD-10 PCS Getting to the Root of the Procedure Part I,” “Getting to the Root of the Procedure Part II” and “Bridging the Gap in Anatomy and Physiology”  by December 31, 2010  would be entered into a drawing to win a trip to the Train the Trainer destination of their choice.   The online audio conferences are worth 2 CE credits a piece and are available to our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, FREE.  By completing them, our staff will gain some of the framework needed to understand the basic building block approach we are taking to ICD-10 over the next few years.  All five courses must be completed by September 1st, 2011 for the staff to continue receiving company educational benefits, which include pre-paid reference books and software.
  2. Technology and Emotion- The conversion to ICD-10 will have a significant impact on provider revenue and payer cost. HIM management should expect and plan for an increase in stress levels within the department.  We will be inundated with regulatory and ethical questions, standing directly between the firing lines of patient care, quality outcomes and finance.  To combat burn out and costly turn over, MedPartners HIM provides our staff with a PERSONAL education allowance. By encouraging growth beyond the medical records department we help prepare our staff for the stressors that accompany change and conflict management.