Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips for RN Case Managers

There are few industries as demanding and fast-paced as the healthcare field. As labor shortages worsen and patient caseloads increase, facilities continue to experience increasing pressure to maintain productivity while delivering the highest-quality care. RN case managers have an array of responsibilities in developing and implementing patient care plans. As an RN case manager, you’re pulled in many different directions daily which means maintaining a high level of productivity is paramount for your success.

If you’re an RN Case Manager looking to grow your career, here are some key tips for increasing your productivity:

Schedule breaks during each shift. Even during times when it seems impossible to break away from your work, it’s imperative to take short breaks away from your workstation. Not only does a quick break give you time to refocus and regain clarity, it allows you to come back to patients with a refreshed sense of energy – improving your ability to deliver the best care possible. It’s important to remember that a break is not just about you; it’s about patient engagement.

Use technology to stay on track. When it comes to effective case management, organization is critical. Using the latest technology platforms to stay on track will help you manage your caseload without getting confused or overwhelmed. Many RN case managers learn firsthand the power of leveraging technology to increase efficiency, especially for handling early intervention for patients with exacerbating health conditions. Using technology to streamline processes will help keep track of patient care needs and prioritize the tasks that need the most attention.

Schedule regular meetings with nurses. Failing to regularly communicate with the medical staff on your team can easily derail your productivity and result in confusion about patient care. Scheduling daily or weekly meetings with your team will keep everyone in your unit informed about caseloads and provide an opportunity for them to ask questions in private. Meetings also present a good time to share information that may be vital to certain caseloads, which will in turn improve patient outcomes and ensure the most comprehensive case management.

Putting the tips above into practice will maximize your productivity on the job while enhancing patient experiences. Most importantly, you’ll feel more confident handling increasing patient demands in your work environment.

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