Coding is a growing field, one which requires experienced managers to keep things operating smoothly and to remain compliant. It requires education, but pays well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary for a Professional Service Coding Manager is $101,340 and demand is expected to grow as much as 23% by 2022.

What do coding managers do?

A coding manager’s role is to manage and coordinate the medical coding staff. They are responsible for overseeing data entry and maintaining medical record information security. Job duties include establishing and communicating policies and procedures, implementing changes and training coders. They also work closely with other managers, healthcare providers and other personnel.

Other job duties include coordinating with various departments and seeing that the staff adhere to current coding practices. Coding managers may be expected to obtain certifications such as the Registered Health Information Administrators and Certified Professional Coder designations. Most certifications have minimum education and professional experience requirements as well as an examination.

Where do coding managers work?

Coding managers most commonly work in hospitals, doctor’s offices or other healthcare facilities. Jobs are available throughout the United States, but demand is increasing in areas where the population is aging.

What education is required to be a coding manager?

Coding managers generally require a a bachelor’s degree at minimum, but experienced medical coders with an associate degree may be able to work their way up to a coding manager position after a few years’ experience. Some employers such as assisted-living or nursing care facilities may require a master’s degree, certification or licensure.

Where can you find a coding manager job?

Professional Services Coding Managers who are ready for a change can connect with employers by partnering with the staffing and recruiting professionals at MedPartners. For coding manager or other coding or medical office or healthcare positions, visit our job page. To discuss your career options or submit your resume, contact MedPartners.

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