US Capitol Building

This week, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) and the House Committees on Energy and Commerce (E&C) and Education and the Workforce (E&W) are holding hearings on several matters related to healthcare.

One of the issues which requires more attention from our Members of Congress is the off-shoring of medical records. Normally, when you are admitted to a physician’s office, hospital, prompt care, emergency room, or other places that provides health care, you sign a HIPAA form stating your healthcare information, containing identity, insurance, and health information, which will be protected by law and remain private.

It is becoming regular practice to send these records to other countries, most commonly India or the Philippines, for processing where there are no privacy laws and your information is unsecured. Please contact your Representative and Senators to have this stopped. Your private health information should be protected.

Find your Representative and let them know that you are against off-shoring of medical records: