Timing is an essential but often undervalued element of recruiting. When the timing is right, the recruitment process is shorter and more cost-effective, and your missing personnel have less affect on your projects/goals. However, in order to make speed a priority without sacrificing quality, it’s necessary to have a strategic staffing plan in place.  Use these strategies to make your plan as effective as possible.

Prepare In Advance

You need to make an effort before recruitment is even on your radar. The better you understand the character of your existing workforce, the better equipped you are to rebuild it when someone leaves. Create a document listing everyone on your staff, all their credentials, and all of the projects they have worked on past and present. That way, when someone leaves, you know exactly what is missing from your workforce and can focus your recruitment efforts appropriately.

Make Recruitment Ongoing

You don’t have to wait until you have a vacancy to being soliciting resumes. Post an open call on your website, on your social media pages, and at public/networking events. As resumes begin to come in, enter the details into a database. When you need to fill a vacancy, you already have a candidate pool in place that you can further refine according to specific skills and experiences.

Invite Internal Feedback

Too often, staffing decisions only come after someone leaves or after a major new project is announced. But that doesn’t mean your workforce is exactly where it needs to be in the interim. Invite stakeholders from throughout your organization to contribute their input. You might find that you have a talent gap, or an overworked department, but were simply not in the right position to recognize it. Remember that the best HR insights often come from outside the HR department.

Be Efficient When it Counts

If you need to make a hire and you’ve found a promising candidate, don’t drag out the interview or salary negotiation process. This does a disservice to both parties and can cause top talent to begin looking elsewhere. Make sure that the compensation package you initially offer is fair and data-driven and your top choice will be much more inclined to accept your first offer.

The final strategy to consider is bringing in an outside partner. A specialized recruiter can assemble a candidate pool based on your specific needs and within your exact timeline, and then leave the final decision making up to you. These professionals help to expedite the hiring process while delivering a higher caliber of candidate. Before you need to make a hiring decision, speak to an experienced recruiter at MedPartners HIM.

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