National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC)

The ACS announced that a new version of the NAPRC was released October 2017. For many CTRs this was big news. Much like the CoC accreditation, the NAPRC accreditation occurs once every three years and is governed by established standards. Rather than a Committee structure for administration and oversight the the NAPRC has been modeled after the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) utilizing a Multidisciplinary Team approach which does not include a Certificate Tumor Registrar as part of the team. Keeping this in mind, Chapter 2 – Clinical Services contains many standards that may be referred to the cancer registry for data collection and reporting. CTRs should be mindful to thoroughly read and understand the requirements for data collection for each standard as they do not all directly translate to similar CoC data elements.

Of primary interest to cancer registrars is NAPRC Standard 3.1 Rapid Quality Reporting System which is currently in development. The data submission timeline requirements for rectal patients will be the same as CoC standard 5.2 commendation requirements. Standard 3.1 Accountability and Quality Improvement Measures will be located in the RQRS section of data links and will require monitoring for compliance to include development of action plans for corrective actions for compliance rates below established thresholds.

Like the NAPBC accreditation requirements, CTRs are not part of the Multidisciplinary Team and will have no representation. CTRs will need to be proactive in educating their direct leadership of the disparities between CoC, State and NAPRC data collection requirements. The additional workload will affect staff education needs, productivity standards and staffing requirements. Another consideration that may impact the budget is cancer registry software modifications for report development, creation of User Defined fields or other software alterations to accommodate the NAPRC Team accreditation needs.

Be prepared; stay informed and ready to contribute to the NAPRC accreditation process.

Jennifer Rohleder BS, CTR
Compliance Director, Oncology Data Management and Accreditation Services

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