Hot Job: Remote Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR)

Remote Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR)

Are you a certified tumor registrar seeking a position that will offer you consistency, reliability and longevity? You should consider a Remote Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) position through MedPartners! By joining our MedPartners Registry Service division, you’ll be working with a team that values the importance of certified, credentialed and experienced registry professionals.

Most importantly, you will receive all the benefits of working with MedPartners, including a competitive salary and full benefits package. You will also receive paid time off, LIVE continuing education sessions and NCRA member reimbursement. Have we piqued your interest? MedPartners currently has numerous opportunities for experienced, cancer registry professionals with highly competitive pay rates. Keep reading to learn more!

Remote CTR Requirements

As a Remote CTR, you’ll be tasked with the important responsibility of compiling and maintaining records of cancer patients with varying diagnoses and treatments. You’ll be required to review patient records to identify and gather patient data for use in cancer management programs, ensuring that all recordkeeping complies with government regulations. You’ll also need to be skilled at reviewing and coding information from patient medical records, as well as preparing statistical reports of cancer/tumor registry data for use by hospitals and researchers.

Remote CTR Registrar positions with MedPartners require the following:

  • Abstracting at a CoC facility
  • Handling case-finding, follow-up and other registry duties as required
  • Experience with ERS, Metriq, Oncolog or CNExT
  • Must be a CTR and have at least 3+ years of experience abstracting

According to the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) website, there is significant growth potential for cancer registrars in the U.S in government agencies, as well as insurance, pharmaceutical and other relevant healthcare industries. As demand continues to rise, highly qualified and trained tumor registrars will become increasingly marketable.

A position as a Remote CTR can be extremely rewarding, as your work will have a direct impact on both patient care and cancer research. MedPartners currently has an open Remote CTR position with a competitive pay rate. Apply online today!

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