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As a health information management (HIM) professional, it’s critical you take control of your career growth and set long-term goals for yourself. With many candidates vying for the same jobs, taking action to get a competitive advantage in the HIM field will be essential to your professional success.

Here are three self-management practices that will help you accelerate your HIM career:

Develop your soft skills. Though there are many technical skills required in the HIM field, there are several soft skills needed to excel in your job. To continue advancing professionally, you should make a commitment to improving your communications abilities, analytical skills and attention to detail. Taking advantage of professional development certification programs or seminars offered by your employer is one the easiest ways to further develop your soft skills.

Join respected industry groups and organizations. With so many developments in the HIM field, there’s no better way to expand your knowledge than by joining healthcare industry groups, such as Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS). By attending industry events and training sessions, you’ll stay on the cutting-edge of the latest HIM trends, as well as gain the confidence to perform at the best of your abilities.

Partner with a trusted recruiter. A recruiter can be of tremendous value both during your HIM job search and throughout your entire career. By working directly with a recruiter, you’ll become connected to dozens if not hundreds of potential employers that could offer growth opportunities to you in the future. Establishing a relationship with a recruiter will open doors to many new positions, which can be especially important as you progress in the HIM field.

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