As the healthcare industry has grown and developed, the demand for well-rounded HIM professionals has increased dramatically. In addition to the hard skills required to perform HIM jobs, many employers are seeking HIM candidates with extensive soft skills needed to excel within their respective workplace cultures. HIM pros spend so much of their education on developing their technical abilities that soft skills, or “non-industry-specific skills,” are often underestimated by candidates seeking new jobs. There are several soft skills HIM professionals should possess to be able to successfully interact with coworkers, manage departments, and resolve problems with staff members.

Are you seeking a new HIM job? Take note of these three important soft skills to help you stand out in a competitive candidate pool:

Communication skills. Even though HIM pros spend most of their days behind a screen, they are still expected to communicate regularly with other staff. These professionals must know how to communicate effectively through all written forms of communication (such as emails and memos), as this is a key part of interacting with others in different departments. Verbal communication is also a highly prized skill, as HIM professionals must be able to clearly communicate with other staff members on a regularly basis. The better you can express yourself, the more impactful you will be in building positive relationships with others in your workplace.

Adaptability. One of the soft skills most valued by employers in HIM candidates is adaptability. This is because a fast-paced environment requires the ability to adapt quickly to unexpected setbacks or challenges to solve technical problems that arise. By taking a flexible approach to your work, you’ll prove you are valuable to your employer even in the most difficult situations. In addition, part of being adaptable involves being open minded to others’ opinions and seeking feedback when needed. Being open to solutions will show you’re committed to making necessary changes to improve HIM outcomes.

Leadership. In any HIM job, it’s critical you are comfortable leading others and managing teams or projects with other staff members and possibly with outside vendors – even if it’s for a brief time. Employers seek professionals who are adept at delegating tasks and meeting deadlines. By exhibiting leadership skills, you’ll show you can fulfill your company’s needs with little supervision and stay focused on meeting company goals.

Do you have the skills needed to excel in the healthcare industry?

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