The implementation of ICD-10 may not require all clinicians to master ICD-10, but it does put pressure on professionals to learn some new skills.

While it’s true that having clinical knowledge will help your career, additional skills can also prove to be very beneficial. Skills such as:

  • Ability to quickly learn new software programs
  • Being able to provide quick turnaround on documentation that is error-free

The implementation of ICD-10 has also created a set of specific errors that those entering the field would benefit from mastering at the onset:

Error #1

Failing to use the most specific diagnosis available.

Error #2

Coding symptoms separately, in addition to the condition to which they are attributed, thereby coding them twice.

Error #3

Incomplete detail in physician documentation to successfully code.

In addition to watching out for these common mistakes, top medical coders need to deal with:

New Codes

ICD-10 has changed the medical coding and billing landscape, with more detailed codes than ICD-9 (more than 69,000 codes).

Increased Code Complexity

Along with the increased number of codes, each code is longer and more descriptive.

High-Demand Career

Ever since ICD-10 rolled out, medical coders have seen an increased demand. Prior to the ICD-10 implementation, a medical coder shortfall of approximately 25 percent was reported by CNBC; that shortfall is expected to surpass 50 percent in just a few years.

Staying Current

Whether you’re working at a large medical facility or a smaller establishment, staying up to date on the latest technology and software in the medical coding and billing industry is vital to a successful career. It’s not enough to be content with the completion of training. You’ll need to stay current on the latest industry requirements and standards, along with coding systems like ICD-10. Continuing education courses and programs, attending workshops and other conferences are all effective ways to remain current. Additionally, you’ll grow your personal and professional network.

The field of medical coding and billing is an ever-evolving field. Having the right combination of medical coding training and skills can make a big difference when you’re looking for work.

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