What Skills are Needed for Oncology Data Management Professionals?

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Oncology data management professionals are an essential piece of an organization’s clinical data management team, as they work to ensure the proper and accurate recording of cancer patients’ statistical information and results from clinical trials. What many people do not realize is that this is in-depth work, requiring mastery of several hard and soft skills. Here some of the top skills organizations should look for in oncology data management candidates:

Attention to detail. Oncology data management pros are expected to maintain the highest degree of accuracy, integrity and security of exceedingly complex computerized records systems. They must be very diligent about appropriately handling large volumes of information which may require screening, grouping, transcribing, etc. Being detail-oriented is critical to the successful functioning of any data management job, and should always be a main priority when assessing oncology data management candidates.

Time management. Because of the vast array of responsibilities of this role, time management is key. Oncology data management professionals must always be mindful they’re using their time wisely to ensure patient data is recorded both efficiently and effectively. Timeliness is paramount in this process because these records are used by research institutes and healthcare facilities to help detect cancer earlier, accelerate treatments and increase survival rates. Proper time management allows for records to be captured quicker, so that cancer detection and treatment can be improved.

Research abilities. Oncology data management pros must be able to not only sort and screen patient data, but also examine medical and pathology records to determine patients’ eligibility for the cancer registry. They must spend a significant amount of time compiling and reporting data from all the medical facilities that treat a patient, as well as follow up with patients to track progress, protect patient information and assist their teams with special projects as needed.

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