Why Teamwork is Essential for Acute Care Case Managers

Teamwork in Case Management

Acute care case managers are responsible for working closely within their medical units to ensure the most efficient and high-quality care for patients. Acute care case managers, in particular, must work in tandem with a comprehensive healthcare team of doctors and nurses. They are expected to work well with the teams in their medical unit and take a collaborative approach to ensuring the best patient outcomes. Here are just some of the reasons why teamwork is such a critical component of acute care case management:

Ensuring accurate patient records. In acute care management, patients and their families are always the top priority. It’s the case manager’s job to review all a patient’s medical records so proper care and treatment is provided. To ensure the most accurate and detailed records, case managers must consult directly with patients’ healthcare providers regarding medical records, especially when patients have complex conditions. When case managers work as a team with physicians and/or hospitalists, they are most successful at facilitating their patients’ care from admission to discharge.

Providing cost-effective care. Acute care case managers who proactively collaborate with all the practitioners involved in their patients’ diagnoses and treatments inevitably ensure the most cost-effective care. Teamwork consisting of regular communication and coordination allows case managers to develop personalized treatment programs for their patients which ultimately result in shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.

Smoother post-care transitions. Case managers must not only work closely with a team of healthcare experts, but also during the post-care period. Case managers who take a teamwork approach when working with post-acute venues will excel at meeting discharge planning needs, ensuring their patients have smooth transitions to post-acute care.

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