Candidate Personality

Finding top candidates for your organization is no easy task, especially when it comes to finding workers who will mesh well within your culture. As part of your hiring process, it’s often a good idea to evaluate candidates’ personalities as they pertain to your work environment and overall mission. There are many benefits to evaluating candidates’ personalities when hiring for healthcare positions which can lead to more positive hiring outcomes and better employee retention.

Here are a few strategies you can use to find candidates with the best personalities for your workplace.

Look for honesty. Character and integrity are critical components to any candidate’s personality and should be taken seriously throughout the screening and interview process. In the healthcare field, honesty is especially important, as employees often directly handle confidential patient records. If an employee’s interview answers do not match their resume, or if they appear to be giving inflated responses, this could indicate a lack of honesty from the start. During discussions with candidates, pay attention to their tone of voice and whether they’re forthcoming about their skills and employment experience.

Assess culture fit. Personality is often heavily tied into culture fit; therefore, assessing how candidates would fit within the context of your culture is a big part of this process. For example, if your workplace culture is heavily collaborative, evaluate candidates for skills like communication and teamwork. Or, if your employees work more in silos, you may look more for skills like time management or independent thinking. Considering the demands of your workplace will allow you to identify candidates who are best suited to thrive within your culture for the long haul.

Evaluate professionalism. In many cases, candidates’ personalities will be reflected by their level of professionalism. Candidates who are respectful of others’ time and talents will be more likely to work well within your team and exhibit a high level of emotional intelligence in their jobs. Furthermore, professional candidates are typically best equipped to handle conflicts in the workplace and navigate any interpersonal challenges with ease.

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