There’s no denying the healthcare industry is competitive. Health information management (HIM) professionals, in particular, must do everything they can to showcase their talent in the workforce. With an influx of candidates vying for the same jobs, it’s never been more important for HIM pros to effectively market themselves to employers during both the application and interview process.

Becoming an “unforgettable” HIM candidate is certainly easier said than done. It requires strong attention to detail and a commitment to differentiating yourself from the pack. Here are some of the best ways you can enhance your candidate profile and stand out from the competition:

Highlight your ability to be organized and detail-oriented. Organization is one of the most crucial skills needed to succeed in the HIM field. However, it’s hard for employers to gauge this skill in candidates during interviews alone. That’s why it’s important to explain to employers your approach to the information management process in making sure data is secure. Sharing insights about how you work with patient data to ensure accuracy and privacy will demonstrate to the employer that you take your job seriously and will be committed to the successful functioning of their medical facility.

Emphasize computer abilities. While expertise with Microsoft Excel is expected by most employers, consider your ability to use many facets of this tool. Employers are increasingly seeking candidates who can go above and beyond the typical HIM role. For example, in your old position did you use Excel to analyze data and increase workflow? Providing examples of situations in which you improved your workplace and contributed to a better bottom line will speak volumes of your computer skills – ultimately being an asset to your interview performance.

Demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills. It’s often a big misconception that HIM pros don’t have to communicate much with others. In any healthcare setting, you’ll be expected to communicate with a variety of doctors, nurses and colleagues regarding different facility and patient issues. From the minute you email a hiring manager to the way in which you respond to interview questions, employers will be evaluating you closely for the way in which you communicate. Always be prepared to speak professionally and articulate your credentials in a clear and effective way.

With even just a little preparation, you can position yourself as a top candidate in any HIM applicant pool. The more you implement the tips above to promote your skills and abilities, the more successful you’ll be at impressing employers and landing a top-notch HIM position.

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